When asked, I usually tell people that I’m a web designer, but that doesn’t really tell the whole story…

The first web site that I created was done during the fall of 1998, my junior year in college. I was working as a Marketing Intern for Emilcott Associates in Chatham, NJ. It was a time where any company that was to be taken seriously had a website. My manager gave me a copy of HotDog HTML editor and a book and told me that my first major assignment was to build the company’s first website. This is where I first learned the exictement of building websites and knew that it was something I wanted to do for a career.

Wait, So You Were a Marketing Major?

I sure was. I always had a passion for art and design, but thought I needed to have a business degree in order to get a job after college. A few years after receiving my bachelor’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University in Florham Park, NJ, I attend the Katharine Gibbs School at night (while working full-time) to get my Visual Communications certification. This helped me acquire the formal art and design education that I wanted to strengthen my web design capabilities.

What About Work?

After my intership, I worked at UnitedHealthcare as a Business Analyst and an Internet Applications Developer. The first position had me performing project management, creating technical specifications and wireframes for our websites, working with development and server teams to implement these specifications and coordinate launches. The position then morphed into making HTML, CSS and JavaScript website updates and creating web graphics for our 200+ customized websites. Some of my other responsibilities were maintaining our business segment’s intranet site and producing site statistics for senior management.

My current full-time gig is working as a Senior Front-End Developer for a large asset management company. Being part of a small team which produces agency-quality work has allowed me to wear many hats and perform many roles with many wonderful people.

Whenever possible, I also accept freelance web and graphic design work. This allows me to keep abreast of new trends and technologies in the fast-moving web design field and put them to real use. I’ve also started getting involved in working with logo design which has let me to entering contest to hone my skills. Please take a look at some of my work.

Brian was monumental in coming up with the design of the logo, the design of the truck and the website. Brian went above and beyond my expectations and hit all of the deadlines to perfection. I would highly recommend him for any web design or logo design work you may need. He was a pleasure to work with and was very flexible with all of my last minute changes.

Josh Sacks – oinkandmoobqq.com