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April 6th, 2012

Yes, Labor Day often signals the end of summer. You can start to feel the days growing shorter, the temperature starting to drop and you may start to get a little depressed. There’s plenty of good things about the end of the summer: the NFL season starts, it’s almost ski season and it’s the beginning of the fall beer season, which I happen to believe is the best beer season, which means it’s Mount Snow Brewer’s Festival time! Every year the good folks at Mount Snow hold this festival brings dozens of local breweries together to distribute their libations.

It’s been a rough year for the good folks of Southern Vermont with that miserable Hurricane Irene last year, which cancelled last year’s Fall Brewer’s Festival and the pathetic amounts of snow this past year, which cancelled the Spring Brewer’s Festival. This time they would not be denied! The weather was beautiful and everyone was excited for the day.

Despite all the merriment, the competitive juices were flowing in the t-shirt competition. The last competition I had taken part in was the 2010 Brewer’s Festival where I thought we had a pretty awesome design, but I’m not sure we actually had a proper submission. Then again, were in Red Sox territory and my design was based off the logo of their dreaded rival, the New York Yankees. Last year, Amy Winehouse had passed away shortly before the festival, so my design was as an homage to her and her song “Rehab.”

This year, I decided to be less controversial and more fun and used the recently completely Olympic games which took place in London as my inspiration. One of my initial thoughts was to do something with the Olympic rings. I started out sketching 5 interlocked mugs looked at from a overheard view:

That was one of those things that was a better idea in my head then it turned out to be on paper, but at least it was a start. The next thing direction I decided to explore was to use the bib worn by the athletes competing in track & field events. I even thought about the possibility of replicating a tank top with bib on the t-shirt, but thought that may have pushed the metaphor a bit too far. Here’s some of the initial sketches:

The bib idea had some legs, so I began to build that out a bit more. I also talked about it with my wife and after mentioning trying to create the Olympic rings using the beer mugs, she mentioned the idea of using bottle caps, which was a way better idea. The next aspect that I really want to incorporate was an “event icon.” I went to the Olympic website and looked through all the event icons and thought the one from Rhythmic Gymnastics had the most potential. The original has a person jumping the air with a hula hoop in their hand. I decided to keep the body and head which was already tilted back and just recreated the arm and put a pint glass in it instead. My original plan was to just have this new event icon as the center content for the bib, but its awesomeness wasn’t conveyed quite enough. This lead me to the gold medal, because what says #1 better than a gold medal? After building out the medal, I decided to throw an easter egg into it. If you look closely in the background, you’ll see a subtle disappointed MacKayla Maroney (if you don’t know about that meme, check out this tumblr blog). For the typography of the whole project I went with the London 2012 typeface that was created for the Olympics. I also added the logo for the Bluebird Express, which is a new 6-person covered chairlift that opened last year. Here is the final result:

Mt. Snow Brewer's Festival Logo Contest Submission

We still haven’t heard which shirt was the winner, but they should reveal the news this week. Even if I don’t win, it was a great time and at least 5 people came up to me asking where they could buy the shirt. If nothing else, at least I learned a valuable business lesson…print more shirts!

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